• Lab

    Nirakara is a Lab focused on cognitive sciences, especially neuroscience and psychology. Access our Lab site if you want to see our research themes.

  • Education and Interventions

    12 years in education and interventions in institutions (public and private) and society. Mindfulness, lifestyle, neuroscience and health promotion.

  • Social Action

    We have organized conferences with international speakers, webinars, congresses and other actions. Part of our resources are focused on creating free interventions in contexts without resources.


  • Our activity is Research and Teaching. Since its foundation in 2008, Nirakara has given more than 200 intervention programs, training programs at universities, workshops for professionals, training in-company intervention with a student base of more than 30,000 people.
  • Nirakara, has crystallized its relationship with academic institutions. The main activity is carried out in the facilities of the Campus of Somosaguas of the UCM where it has offices, classrooms, and laboratories. It has or has had collaboration agreements with the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Brown University (Providence, USA), Stanford University (California, USA), and the University of Massachusetts (USA).
  • Nirakara develops postgraduate programs at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) in the field of Mindfulness in clinical and health contexts and Research.
  • Collaboration in research and training in MBSR with Brown University.


  • We have a Chair of Mindfulness and Cognitive Science at UCM with the aim of promoting research activity.
  • Basic research, whose objective is the study of the neurological bases of well-being and the prevention of mental health. This activity is mainly developed in the Laboratory of Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience of the Biomedical Technology Centre of the UPM.
  • Applied research, the impact of psychoeducational interventions on neurological variables (EEG, MEG), psychological variables (questionnaires and behavioral tasks), biomarkers (ECG, respiratory rate, catecholamines, interleukins, glucocorticoids, microbiota by sequencing, etc.), lifestyle variables (questionnaires and sample experience1 ), demographic and context variables are studied longitudinally, usually with controlled and randomized designs.
  • Nirakara's main investment is in R&D, a summary of the lines of research can be seen in this page

Scientific Conferences 

  • Dissemination of Mindfulness at UCM through conferences, congresses, and videos (Some videos on our youtube channel and on this platform).
  • Organization of International Congresses with the UCM.
  • Organization of Conferences, round tables, and other activities in the area of dissemination of cognitive sciences.

Interventions at company

  • Training programs, interventions in companies such as Repsol, Mazda, BTI, Asti, Salesforce, Endesa, Iberdrola, among others.

    Strategic scientific consultancy for companies in which we use research processes to solve problems.